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DETER will no longer be available but a new hygiene product will be replacing it soon

For safe effective insect control in grain stores, poultry and livestock housing, domestic properties, pet bedding, public and commercial premises to dehydrate infesting insects.

Diatomaceous Earth has a unique ability to absorb lipids and waxes, unlike any other natural product. Insects rely on their waxy cuticles to retain water, so damage to the cuticle will result in dramatic loss of water, due to the large area of exoskeleton compared to body size. DE is electrostatically attracted to insect epicuticles especially if the diatoms are intact, not broken during milling.  DETER DE has been trialled along with 13 other World Minerals Diatomaceous earth’s and found to have superior oil absorption properties and high efficacy for treating grain damaging insects. It appears that predominant species of diatom extracted from any one source is of importance, with some species being more efficient than others for insect control, so choice of efficient product is paramount.

Livestock, Poultry & in housing

DETER DE is more environmentally friendly than using harsh chemicals with unknown side effects for insect control..

Livestock Use Externally

DETER DE can be used as a dust bath or sprinkled directly onto animal coats to rid them of infesting insects, maggots and unhatched eggs as it absorbs oil from the insect cuticles, whereby they dehydrate. Suitable for equines, alpacas, goats, pigs, dogs, cats caged birds and domestic furred pets.

Poultry and racing pigeon housing and bird cages

DE has been shown to be 100% effective against Red mite in Australian poultry housing and DETER DE has been used successfully against red mite and northern mite in UK poultry/pigeon/caged bird housing. DETER DE should be dusted within poultry sheds, especially under nest box rims and into all crevices and left as a dust bath for birds at 100gms per 3 square metres. One application is usually sufficient. For lice a second application after 2 weeks may be necessary due to the different life cycle and behaviour of lice. Use a blower for large applications.

Interior living, working and transportation spaces

DE is most effective in dry areas. This includes most buildings (residential, public and commercial especially where food is present) and vehicles of transport again where food is present. 100g per 3 square metres is usually an adequate application. Effective against bedbug infestations.

DE is also effective outside buildings (under eaves, on windowsills, carports etc) unless it becomes wet. Then it must be replaced on a dry surface. It is effective against most waxy coated insects such as ants and even large cockroaches, and should be applied to all areas where they may run, inside and out.

Grain Storage

Only buy DE with a proven track record.

DETER DE has been shown to be of the highest efficacy for treating grain damaging insects, among 13 types trialled worldwide, due to its superior oil absorption capacity. In its natural milled state, each diatom species will have specific characteristics making it more or less efficient in its ability to be attracted to the waxy coats of insects or other parasites and to absorb the lipids and wax from them, causing the insect to lose moisture and die of dehydration This is why DETER DE works well in grain silos while some other types don’t. It is the absorption characteristics of individual diatoms that directly control effectiveness and the predominant species of diatom present at any source is therefore important. Country regulations may apply.

DETER DE is available in 3 sizes of container and bulk 18kg sacks:

Agricultural use for insect control on crops

  • Dusting. DE is only effective when applied as a dust directly to insects… For crops and pastures use 6 to10 kgs per hectare in calm air. Dust after rain, overhead irrigation or heavy dew to increase sticking of the powder. .Dust plant upward from the ground, covering all and underside of leaves.
  • In The Row. Use 1.8kg per acre injected over the seed premixed with water and wetting agent., or admix dry powder to seeds before drilling. When used as a general soil conditioner, DE may have some repellance value.
  • As a Spray. Mix 1Kg per gallon of water with a wetting agent. Be sure to keep mixture agitated
  • Trees. Sprinkle liberally on the ground and around tree trunks, DE can be mixed with water, flax soap or a wetting agent and painted around fruit tree trunks,
  • Greenhouses. It can be used to treat greenhouse plants and stored harvested fruit, vegetables, seeds and bulbs right up to the day of harvest, as it is completely safe. Used as a dry powder or for large areas in a sprayer with water and a wetting agent, rates as low as 100gms per 5 gallons of water with a wetting agent have been effective
  • Slugs and snails. Can act as a barrier to slugs as it absorbs their slimy trail excretions and interferes with their movement and feeding.

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