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Fertilisers / Soil amendments


Cconcentrated PK fertilisers bulk or bagged. Locally supplied, delivered and spread to your requirements.

Agricultural Ground Limestone

To correct pH of soils (N.B.: pH does not measure the need for calcium) Locally supplied, delivered and spread to your requirements

Basic Slag

Neutralising value similar to limestone, for correcting pH, also supplies plant available calcium, many minerals and trace elements and paramagnetic properties for good plant growth. Locally supplied, delivered and spread to your requirements.

Diature™ DE

DE is not a fertiliser but enables soils and fertilisers to work more efficiently, so is an excellent soil amendment at all times, complementing the use of traditional fertilisers and making more ecological and economical sense.

Diature™DE can be added when spreading fibrophos, lime, slag or seeds to improve cation exchange and provide available silica, which is essential for effective calcium uptake and better soil structure.

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